From the founding of the firm, marine engineering has been a core practice of JLN. Port administrators and private marine terminal operators employ JLN’s proficiency in waterfront and marine engineering and construction. From our knowledge of environmental and local regulations to our ability to adeptly secure project permits for designing, rehabilitating, and upgrading marine and waterfront facilities, the diverse technical professionals in our marine engineering group deliver innovative and sound evaluations. As one of the most reputable marine engineering firms in the region, you can trust us to implement all of the operational solutions for your maritime projects, including planning, design, and construction. We can provide you with a wide range of project delivery options including conventional Design-Bid-Build, integrated project delivery, and Design-Build.

Whether you are seeking to construct brand new facilities or looking to rehabilitate existing structures, we are experienced in providing cost effective solutions for all types of port, marine terminal, commercial, and mixed-use facilities, including piers, wharfs, marinas, loading platforms, dolphins, bulkheads, and mooring structures. Contact us when you need an efficient marine engineering firm that is equally qualified to provide the associated landside work, including utility infrastructure, materials handling, conveyance, piping, terminaling, and permitting.