Services & Solutions

As a Construction Manager, JLN provides the full suite of construction services to manage, construct, and deliver projects on time and with a minimum of headaches.  With us, the key concept throughout the construction phase is control—control of schedule, cost, safety, security, quality, and close-out.  Experience has taught us that when control and oversight are maintained, we are better able to manage issues that may arise.  Foresight, proactive thinking, and active coordination are all key elements in controlling these items and ensuring project success.


The end of construction is not the end of our relationship. We continue to serve our project owners in many ways to make sure every aspect of the project meets their full expectations, and so that our post construction services serve as the bridge to our next project.
Our post construction services include:

  • Project follow-up after we’ve turned it over for occupation
  • Modifications for improved functionality
  • Maintaining an open line of communication for questions
  • Review of agreed-to overall project criteria
  • Guidance to those providing maintenance and upkeep
  • Enhanced commissioning and other sustainable practices.